Support Art Starts: Dec. 3, Gladstone Hotel

I am honoured to be headlining this fundraiser by Centennial College PR students in support of Art Starts, a Toronto-based charity offering a variety of innovative programs, tailored specifically to respond to the needs of under-privileged communities. Art Starts facilitate opportunities for social change by engaging youth and adults in arts, theatre and music-based activities.

Join us on Monday, Dec. 3 at 7pm at the Gladstone Hotel!

Yours truly will be throwing down with your fave producer Bix


Saliva Gold

Amazing Interactive Graffiti Wall:

Live Group Painting! Lead by three Centennial College Artists:
Saurin Galloway
James Okore
Ashley Pleasant

Delicious Candy Bar! Raffles for amazing prizes!

Cover: $5
Come between 7-8pm for a delectable Gladstone burger ($5) and a pint ($5)!

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Major shouts to Event Coordinators (Centennial College CCPR):

Michaela Gold
Sarah MacKinnon
Kim Banjac
Andrea Mancini
Barbara Loureiro
Cassie Chambers

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