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Kool Krys interviews Pastel Supernova

I have recently been contributing to She Does The City as a hip hop and arts writer. I was personally invited to the Love Letters Cabaret at Lula Lounge and saw it as a great opportunity for SDTC…

SDTC gets seduced by Love Letters Cabaret “The Bacchanal” and interviews Pastel Supernova about “Care Bear Stares from Naughty Bits”

She Does the City recently had the pleasure of attending the ultra-sexy Love Letters Cabaret “The Bacchanal” at Lula Lounge presented by Pastel Supernova Enterprises.

As soon as I arrived, I was entranced by characters from The Bacchanal ensemble, who mingled and flirted with guests. Paying homage to Bacchus/Dionysus – the Greek God of wine, theatre, and revelry – the stunning cast of talented dancers and musicians relived the riotous festivity of the ancient, mythical Bacchanal through sensual dancing, live singing, and nostalgic instrumental interludes in fabulous burlesque getups.

Who is the powerhouse behind Pastel Supernova Enterprises’ Love Letters Cabaret?

Recognized by Flare Magazine as one of Canada’s 30 most influential women, Pastel fills various roles, including dancer, model, choreographer, and actress. Classically trained in ballet and modern dance, Pastel entered the commercial entertainment industry by touring international stages with Nelly Furtado.

Pastel’s love for pin-ups inspired her to launch Pastel Supernova Enterprises, promoting and producing artistic projects created for lovers of the “ultra-feminine.” Through her company, Pastel provides consultations on style and poise, including Heels@Home – a lesson in confidence through what she calls “the art of walking in high heels.”

I had the opportunity to chat with Pastel to learn about the meaning behind her work and the Love Letters Cabaret…

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Kool Krys Interviews pHoenix Pagliacci & JellyTooFly

As a She Does the City Contributor, I had the opportunity to attend Manifesto 2012. Here is an excerpt from interview Toronto-based rap artists pHoenix Pagliacci and JellyTooFly.

Ladies Show Love by Every Means Necessary at 6th Annual Manifesto Festival of Community and Culture on Sept. 23

On Friday, Sept. 21, the Manifesto Festival of Community & Culture will launch its 6th Annual Year in Toronto. Manifesto Community Projects is a non-profit grassroots organization working to energize, support, and celebrate Toronto’s diverse music and arts community.

Uniting various art forms – art exhibitions, dance competitions, workshops, free outdoor concerts, film screenings, networking opportunities, seminars, and more – Manifesto creates powerful and engaging experiences offering opportunities for young artists to grow.

Two such artists are Toronto-based pHoenix Pagliacci and JellyTooFly, who both performed last year at Manifesto’s massive free outdoor concert at Yonge & Dundas Square. Both artists have returned this year as two prominent female performers set to throw down on Sunday, Sept. 23 at Manifesto’s Live at the Square.

She Does the City had the chance to connect with both artists and here’s what they had to say about their experiences with Manifesto.

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Kool Krys Interviews Shi Wisdom

As a She Does The City contributor, I recently had the chance to catch a rising star in the making Shi Wisdom.

Below is an excerpt of my interview with Shi, including a link to the full article on SDTC.

Shi Wisdom Speaks Love to Toronto Eaton Centre at Urban Mic

Toronto Eaton Centre’s Urban Mic kicked off on a high note Sept. 6 with Toronto’s electrifying emerging R&B artist Renee “Shi” Wisdom.

“If you can’t speak in love then I can’t understand what you’re saying,” sang Shi to the Urban Eatery from her first single “LoveSpeak” on her recent EP “LVSPK”.

Shi’s message of love is already speaking volumes to audiences around the world. Having begun her music career just two years ago, Shi is making lasting impressions as she blazes her own trail. Experimenting with a combination of jazz, soul, R&B and hip hop, the Toronto-based songstress has created a new version of soul, giving new life to nostalgia in music.

With influences including musical legends Prince, Stevie Wonder, and Billie Holiday, it’s clear that Shi’s creative approach to her music appeals to people of all ages.

“My music is about connecting with the audience through honesty in my lyrics,” says Shi. “It’s about being true so people can relate.”

And relate they did. With her bright eyes beaming behind trademark oversized eyeglass frames, Shi belted out her bold lyrics to spectators. Once she finished her riveting performance, Shi was immediately swarmed by adoring fans, including kids, teens, and parents who were dining at the Urban Eatery. Shi’s supportive family was also in the house to cheer for their beloved rising star.

I had a chance to speak with Shi after she blew everyone away as the first performer to rock TEC’s Urban Mic stage. The first thing she told me is that she is a passionate songwriter, which is evident in the mature subjects addressed in her lyrics. A level 8 classically-trained pianist from the Royal Conservatory of Music, Shi’s songwriting compliments her deep understanding of classical music…

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